The Reisa Group offers retained search and referencing services at a 

  very reasonable hourly rate.


We provide these services for all position levels:


 Chairman of the Board 
 Executive and Senior Vice President 
 Vice President 




in all job functions  such as operations, sales, marketing, communications, finance, human resources, public relations, information technology and internet.

Retained Search Services:

  • Our first step is an in-depth discussion with our clients to be sure we have a full understanding of the company’s culture, business goals, the position to be filled and the experience and background required for candidates.


  • The second step is the development and execution of a search plan that will uncover qualified candidates for the positions our clients are trying to fill. As part of this second step, we
    • Develop a position description (if required)
    • Write and place appropriate ads online
    • Write and distribute a flyer
    • Screen resumes
    • Network including the use of LinkedIn
    • Develop and email pre-screening questions to candidates whose resumes indicate a potentially good fit
    • Conduct phone interviews of qualified candidates
    • Reference
    • Initiate background check to include verification of degree/s and certifications, criminal, driving and financial records.

  • We also have clients who only wish to use some of our retained search services rather than all of them.  For instance, some clients just want us to develop a position description; others want us to just place ads and then email  resumes we have screened for them to review, others only ask us to conduct a phone interview and provide a detailed summary report of our findings, or conduct a phone interview and reference candidates.  In other words, our clients can pick and choose the retained search services that best fit their needs and budgets!

  • Our commitment is to find the right people for our clients who will add value to their organizations. Our placements enjoy exceptional tenure and continued advancement within our client companies because we concentrate on making sure that the person matches the position requirements and fits the culture of the organization.

Referencing Services

  • Clients provide us with the candidate’s resume, application, a relevant position description, a list of reference contacts and any special concerns about the candidate that need to be addressed with references. The Reisa Group customizes questions that are relevant to the position and the concerns.


  • One of our referencing team members will contact each reference and then provide the client with written documentation of the entire question and answer discussion.


For more information please see our contact information on this website and call or email us.


Our Clients Include...

 Center for Arizona Policy
World Hope International
Knox Area Rescue Ministries

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