Our Story

In 1986, Betsy McCall left a successful (but not enjoyable) career selling capital equipment to paper mills and plastics manufacturers to seek work that would bring her joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. Her strong desire to enjoy and feel satisfaction in her work, and for others to experience the same sense of fulfillment, was the catapult that launched her new career.


Betsy formed an employment agency to help individuals find positions within Christian-oriented organizations where they could use the skills they enjoyed using the most. After a few years of success in matching job seekers with employers, Betsy realized she needed additional training and tools to be more effective in the recruiting industry. For six years, she learned the art of retained search work from one of Atlanta’s premier search recruiters.


In October, 1995, The Reisa Group was born.


Betsy chose “reisa” (pronounced ray-suh) as the company name because the word best embodies how she wants The Reisa Group to be of benefit to its clients.Reisais a Scandinavian word that means to raise up, build, construct and increase the value of. The Reisa Group focuses on helping its clients to build a strong organizational infrastructure by offering retained search and referencing services.

The Reisa Group ...

Genuinely desires to help its clients build, construct, form and increase the value of their business by coming alongside of them as they make hiring decisions.

 Systematically seeks to find candidates who are looking for a place to use their skills and talents; a place where they can find satisfaction and fulfillment in their work. Employees using the skills they enjoy using the most will be satisfied and productive and will increase the value of their employer’s business.

Provides quality and timely products using the combined skills of all of its team members.

 Works whenever we need to in order to get the job done. Candidates and references sometimes have to be reached in the early morning, evening or over the weekend.

Stays in constant touch with its clients throughout the search and referencing process to keep them informed of any concerns that might be raised about a candidate.

 Presents only candidates for positions who are interested, qualified and passionate about working for our clients.

Realizes that we are the representatives of our clients while on the phone with candidates and references. We conduct ourselves in a friendly but very professional manner.

Practices confidentiality.


Our Clients Include...

 Center for Arizona Policy
World Hope International
Knox Area Rescue Ministries

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